Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Analysis

Three platforms for single nucleotide resolution DNA methylation analysis in any species for which there is a reference genome.

Genome-Wide DNA Hydroxymethylation Analysis

Our services for DNA hydroxymethylation analysis offer unparalleled sensitivity and coverage of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine.

Targeted Sequencing for DNA Methylation Analysis

Accurate, cost-effective targeted sequencing for DNA methylation analysis at single and multiple loci using a new multiplex PCR strategy in combination with Next-Gen Sequencing.

ChIP-Seq Services

Chromatin immunoprecipitation assays followed by next-generation sequencing allow researchers to study histone modifications and protein-DNA interactions on a genome-wide scale.

Bioinformatic Services

Receive epigenetic data in a publication-ready format. Fully customizable bioinformatics solutions are available for the analysis of raw data from any of your Next-Gen sequencing experiments.

RNA-Seq Services

Achieve transcriptome-wide coverage of total RNA, or small RNA with the latest Next-Gen sequencing technology

From Apple to Zebrafish,
167 species have been analyzed

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